JUNE 2021.JANUARY 2022.

The 2021 Sâlmon Festival didn’t end its path after its 9th edition, but cross fades all along 2021 with the 2022 edition. Unlike a typical fair, the Sâlmon is aware that “world-making activities dwell on processes, and the future discloses only if a process discloses it from the present”[1], and so it will keep its fire burning and fuel the live flow.

Throughout 2021, the four co-organizing structures of Sâlmon (Antic Teatre, La Caldera, Graner and La Poderosa), continue to share a collective space called BETWEEN, which emerges at different times with meetings, residencies, publications and actions around the performing arts, in dialogue with the sustained accompaniment over time that they already carry out in their spaces.

A BETWEEN that also welcomes the voices of other complicit international structures and the curatorial team of the 2021 and 2022 editions. A BETWEEN that is built as a place to continue making together, activating a new flow of ink, which marks the path to a Sâlmon 22, yet to be mapped.

As the Hidrogenesse jingle says:It never stops, Sâlmon SâlmonFlow without interruption, Sâlmon Sâlmon!

[1] Amador Fernández-Savater in an interview published on the 29th of November, 2020, in El Salto.


/ OTRA CONFERENCIA PERFORMÁTICA BASTARDA-BASTARDAResidence of Caterina MoraAt La Poderosa, from 13rd September to 23rd September.In dialogue with WorkSpace Brussels

“Otra conferencia performática bastarda-barata" (Another cheap-bastard performance conference) is part of the series of performance conferences that Caterina Mora started a few years ago. It is the first time that she has written a chapter of the series in her mother tongue, which twists with mate with an Argentine accent, rejoices with chili pepper with a Chilean accent, stretches like a 14-year-old dancer and does a lot of “traditional” dance. In this chapter there is a trip to the south, a need for translation and a square in Barcelona.
With the support of WorkSpace Brussels (Bélgica), SKH Uniarts (Estocolmo), Segunda Cuadernos de Danza, my mum and dad. This residency takes place in the context of Corriente Continua program by La Poderosa and is accompanied by Victoria Pérez Royo.
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/ WHAT CAN THEATRE DO?Participation of Verónica Navas in the DAS Theatre master's programAt DAS Graduate School of the AHK (Amsterdam), from 20th September to 1st October.

The first research laboratory has been accompanied by the stage director Ivana Müller, who shares working methodologies with the group of artist-students around "disappearance" as a motive upon which to generate a common landscape. The second laboratory is guided by Myriam van Imschoot and explores the search for sound generated by the body itself, often bordering on the limits of language.
DAS Theatre is a master’s programme for research-based artistic and curatorial practices in the field of theatre that is open to Dutch and international practitioners working in the performing arts as artists, curators, directors, performance makers and dramaturgs.

/ OPEN BAZAAR #5Workshop · DasArts Feedback MethodAt Graner on Novembre the 6th

Open Bazaar is a shared learning and thinking space by Graner where to share the tools professionals work with and the issues that concern them.
Feedback is a core element of DAS Theatre, being a tool to organize many different work views. While receiving feedback, artists are encouraged to make an effort to share their research process with an audience, bringing their work into dialogue with others and making use of the expertise in the room. Most importantly, they are generating space for a collective thinking process. While giving feedback, the aim is to empower the research and work of another artist, go beyond the pronouncement of judgments to fundamental questions, confront the maker with their blind spots, and create a sense of (self-) discipline for the sake of their own of precision and clarity. Overall giving feedback is an exercise in supporting and enhancing the other and nurturing a reflective capacity to generate accurate and valuable feedback.
Facilitated by DAS Theatre mentor Juul Beeren, this workshop is divided into two parts. After a three ours introduction session to explore the philosophy, strategies, and tools of the feedback methods, we will collectively join the presentation of a current artist in residency, Leticia Skrycky, to later experience an hour session to practice and master the different techniques and skills.

/ DONDE EMPIEZA EL BOSQUE ACABA EL PUEBLOResidence of Monte Isla companyAt Workspacebrussels from 14th December to 24th December

"Donde empieza el bosque acaba el pueblo (Where the forest begins, the town ends)" is the second scenic project of the Monte Isla company (Adrià Girona, Andrea Pellejero, Rut Girona and Uriel Ireland). This project follows the line of research that began with "Allí donde no estamos (There where we are not)", where they work from the expressiveness of the technique (light, sound and stage machinery) and the scenic elements (objects, space and materials). This new project that brings them to Workspacebrussels was born with the idea of materialize on the stage the tensions expressed by Edward Hopper in a series of canvases painted in the town of Cape Cod.
“Our professional relationship is based on the work starting from plastic experience and the contact with objects in space. When we immerse ourselves in a creation process we do not know what we are going to find, we make a great effort so that the creation is not the result of preconceived ideas about the project. Rather, it is through the experience of work in rehearsals, generating practice frames that induce error, chance and randomness, that the scenic material is born (…)”.
The Sâlmon BETWEEN is a flow of actions that crystallizes a common work between Antic Teatre, La Caldera, Graner and La Poderosa. With the support of Iberescena, Generalitat de Catalunya - Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies and Barcelona City Council - Barcelona Institute of Culture. In dialogue with workspacebrussels, Das Theater, La Corvette and Santarcangelo Festival.


/ BRUT NATUREAt La Caldera, from 31st May to 13th June.

Meeting that brings together a part of the creators hosted in residence at La Caldera. During two weeks they will elaborate their individual projects but also, and above all, they will enter and allow themselves to be intoxicated by the creative universes of others.
With: Anabella Pareja Robinson, Sara Gebran, Maïte Álvarez Gabriela Halac. Lluc Mayol and Iñaki Álvarez (nyamnyam).

/ LO IMPORTANTE ES EL PEINADO (The important thing is the hairstyle)At Antic Teatre, from 3rd to 6th June.

Meeting about the lack of theory and criticism in the current live arts. A program that focuses on diagnosing the reasons or hypotheses for which this critical thinking gap is detected in the context of current live arts; Active references of critical thinking will also be shared, as well as the perspective of media professionals, all in an open space for debate and exchange between agents and audiences.
Idea and curation of the conferences by Antic Teatre team in collaboration with David Aguilar Sanjosé, Júlia Barbany Arimany, Marta Duran, José Miguel Gutiérrez, Juana Dolores and Sandy Moldavia. The artist and scenic researcher Rubén Ortiz will accompany them in too.

/ DELIR - Residence of Nina Botkay.At La Caldera, from 16th June to 11th July.

'Delir' is an exercise in expungement. A little-used word, "Delir" is a verb to 'undo' or 'dissolve a substance in liquid', 'erase' or extinguish, vanish. A creative residence that explores the meeting of sound and the body, investigating concepts of expansion and dilution, occupation and disappearance, playing with the different scales of spatial presence.

/ PINK NOISE - Residence of Alina Folini.At La Caldera and Graner, from 26th July to 22nd August.

'Pink noise' is based on the practice of deep listening with the desire to de-hierarchize the relationship between seeing, saying and listening. It proposes a bodily experience of tension between non-opposite poles, where the senses are not binary, to observe the various forms of collaboration, dissociation and resonance between orality, sound and movement. With the support of: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, O Rumo do Fumo — Programa Artistas Emergentes, Residencia Forum Dança — PACAP 4.
© Vitorio Coragem

/ QUANTUM SOCIETY - Residence of Sara Gebran, Quim Pujol and DD Dorvillier.At La Corvette - France, from 18th to 25th July

"Quantum Society" is the last book by Sara Gebran, which opens a discussion around the way to achieve a more egalitarian, just, and solidary society using as tools social intimacy and the multiple practices and concepts of entanglement. The invitation to activate the reading of this book will be the central axis of the meeting between Quim, DD and Sara herself, in which they will inquire about forms of joint work, performative actions and translation of concepts that allow continuing and sharing the research with others creators in the future, as well as rethinking how to continue the project in the future.
The Sâlmon BETWEEN is a flow of actions that crystallizes a common work between Antic Teatre, La Caldera, Graner and La Poderosa. With the support of Iberescena, Generalitat de Catalunya - Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies and Barcelona City Council - Barcelona Institute of Culture. In dialogue with workspacebrussels, Das Theater, La Corvette and Santarcangelo Festival.