21-22 CYCLE:

A new river for Sâlmon.

This Sâlmon is born driven by the structure that preserves its existence, an ecosystem of venues that keep living arts alive in Barcelona – the Antic Teatre, La Caldera, Graner and La Poderosa – and a team of artists and generators of contexts who have been shaking up the scene for decades: Sofía Asencio, Bea Fernández, Iñaki Álvarez and Ariadna Rodríguez, curators who will sustain the 2021 and 2022 editions with Dianelis Diéguez in mediation. With the river renewed, this structure or tentacular organism that operates through mutual effect begins a new phase and it calls us again from 17 to 21 February 2021.

Thus the Sâlmon 21 Festival proposes a contingency pact, the launch of a framework that enables the living arts to hold on to the only thing that differentiates them from other scenic currents the limitless commitment to experimentation. Audiences and artists will be able to once again go for broke in a wild sequence shot where languages can be hybridized on and off-camera, a great performative machine and a new place to examine unsuspected landscapes, such as the times we are living in, which require us to imagine other kinds of agencies and ways of doing without things.

This Sâlmon does not end its journey here, the river will keep alive its flow. It will continue with a crossfade or transition in form of encounters taking place throughout 2021 and the 2022 edition.

In dialogue with all the parts that make it up new Sâlmon Festival provides an opportunity to make spring last the whole year, an uninterrupted fest the most necessary exception for Barcelona today.




For almost 18 years, the leitmotiv of the Antic Teatre, a production and performance venue located in the heart of Barcelona, has been to take risks. What the Antic Teatre is, what it does and why it does it, is encapsulated by the following values: a commitment to experimentation and research in the field of the contemporary performing arts; interdisciplinarity; an artistic perspective with an international scope and local action; exploration and an eye for novelty, and the provision of a springboard for emerging talent; coherence; perseverance; criticism and self-criticism; artistic autonomy and independent thinking; dialogue; attention to the vulnerabilities and the perspective of gender; a commitment to art and education from the standpoint of grassroots culture; links with the region and open community initiatives; the goals of self-management, sustainability and heritage recovery.


La Caldera is a centre for dance creation whose function is to accompany and present the work of artists who view the body as material, as a tool, and as the central theme of their research. It generates contexts for sharing artistic practices that experiment on the margins, making space for invisible, uncertain things, and with other kinds of temporality different from the standard ones. With an interest in transmitting the knowledge of the body that emerges from these experiences and from the artists’ procedural work, La Caldera collects the results and makes them available through publications. Outside professional contexts, the centre organises educational family programmes linked to the neighbourhood, where, through the body, dance invites us to think about our relationship with the others and with the world. La Caldera is a living organism, made up of the people who pass through it. A body with 25 years in movement, open and accessible, offering sensitive management of the space and thereby making the different forms of attention possible so that what must happen happens.


Graner is a centre for the creation of dance and live art, located in an old light bulb factory in La Marina district of Barcelona. It is an interconnected, diverse space that focuses on artistic research and experimentation and interacts with the professional, educational and civic community. We live alongside the artists and share contexts with different local and global communities, with whom we promote crossovers and collective learning through the body, contributing to the circulation of ideas and knowledge in the field of dance and live art. Unlike the prevailing systems of productivity, we give importance to the process, to artistic experimentation, to listening and to the body as generators of change towards a more collective, permeable and sustainable society. We seek new ways of working through public management by creating spaces of trust and by promoting long-term relationships and participatory, plural governance. We ask ourselves what relational, artistic, educational and management practices are inherent to a contemporary view of dance and live art. We believe that only in this way we will be able to expand Graner and support artists in all their transformative potential.


La Poderosa is a space that empowers research projects and donates support to the people they believe in. La Poderosa tries to promote territories of proximity and intimacy, while fostering relationships between artists, management teams and the public. The Powerful and the people that l’habitem believed in cuinar you sew a foc lent i a la cuina. Creixer, engreixar-se i menjar together, total generant comissariats and marks of specific exhibitions for different types of practices.Practice resistance to mitigate the constant questioning of the affective, social, political and cultural situation that surrounds it, trying to devise new working methodologies that promote empathy and the escort of the realities and necessities of artists and public.



Sofia Asencio is a choreographer and dancer. From 1989 to 1993 she combined her training in contemporary dance at the Institut de Teatre in Barcelona with work in revue shows with the companies directed by Tania Doris and Lita Claver “La Maña” and at the “La Belle Epoque” music hall. After completing her dance studies, she worked with Vicente Sáez, Lanonima Imperial, Mudances and Cia ACTA. In 1998 she joined the General Elèctrica collective. In 2000 she began to work alongside Tomàs Aragay in Societat Doctor Alonso, a theatre company and platform that enables its members to bring together research and show production in partnership with other artists and researchers. From 2003 to 2011 she co-directed the Cèl·lula collective with Ernesto Collado and Tomàs Aragay, the company responsible for the Festival MAPA, as well as assisting with the programming of the Contraban series at the Teatre Jardí in Figueres and with the curatorship of Escena Plural at the Teatre la Mercè in Girona.


Choreographer, researcher and artistic co-director of La Poderosa, a venue for creation and research around dance and the living arts in Barcelona. She holds a degree in contemporary dance and choreography from the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona and broadened her training at the Center for Movement Research (NY). She performs with various companies in Barcelona and New York and works closely with the choreographer Carmelo Salazar, having taken part in numerous pieces. As an artist, she develops projects focused on the figure of the performer as memory and a living archive and develops research projects focused on the body and experimental choreographic practices.


Ariadna Rodriguez and Iñaki Alvarez are nyamnyam. Combining their formation and deformation in various disciplines, their work aims to promote the creation, diffraction and exchange of knowledge through strategies of interaction in each (g)local context in which they work. At this crossroads between the live arts, critical thinking and pedagogies, nyamnyam’s work moves between the creation of artistic projects and curatorship understood as a transdisciplinary space of relations and disruption. Thus, people, systems and contexts interact through the accompaniment of nyamnyam, clashing with the standardized vision of the commodification of culture. They have developed their activities in a variety of contexts and locations and in 2020 they opened the doors of Mas nyamnyam, a venue for creation, action and reflection situated in Mieres, Girona.

Mediation and artistic coordination: | DIANELIS DIÉGUEZ:

Trained as a stage critic and researcher at the University of the Arts in Havana, she has worked mainly in the field of management and the activation of undisciplinary projects and live arts. As part of the Laboratorio Escénico de Experimentación Social (LEES, 2012-2019) and the Osikán experimental scenic nursery (2016-19), she encouraged the work of Cuban artists who focus on alternative creative practices. She has management experience in the public arts sector, specifically in the area of international relations. She is currently carrying out research on the notion of community within the sociability that emerges from the relations between neighbourhoods and artists. She is a member of the Vulnus Association.


A Soon in Tokyo project in collaboration with Hidrogenesse
Performing Arts Sâlmon Festival has been designed for its 2021 edition using television as a territory for experimentation. Within this context, but focusing on advertising, the SÂLMON, ET SALVA DEL MÓN (Sâlmon saves you from the world) project is being developed. INVENTORY OF TECHNIQUES, MECHANISMS AND ADVERTISING INCENTIVES FOR TELEVISION AND OTHER DISPLAYS. An approach loaded with fine irony, which is articulated from the urgent and desperate concept that only culture can save us from this world at this moment.
We have packaged the festival in the form of PRODUCTS, we created a LOGO, HYPNOTIC VISUALS, SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES and a pretentious and bombastic SLOGAN: SÂLMON ET SALVA DEL MÓN (Sâlmon saves you from the world). All to the catchy pop beat of HIDROGENESSE's JINGLE, "electronic art-rock duo and pop-populist songwriters."
A distorted magnifying glass on advertising that amplifies the discourse of the festival in the form of a campaign, where, as on television, the advertisements interrupt live broadcasts, leading the image to intervene in the programming (Hidrogenes is created for the occasion JINGLE and also participates in "The prodigal screen", a TV laboratory that opens the 2021 edition).
Creative direction: Angelo PalmaArt Direction: Javi DonadaGraphic Design + Illustration: Oliver CampbellAnimation: Nacho Naya


Organised jointly by:Antic Teatre (Semolina Tomic, Elisabeth Ruiz),La Caldera (Oscar Dasí, Cristina Riera, Raquel Ortega),Graner (Elena Carmona, Ariadna Miquel),La Poderosa (Mònica Muntaner, Anna Bohigas).
Curatorial team: Sofia Asencio, Iñaki Álvarez, Bea Fernández and Ariadna RodriguezArtistic and management coordination: Dianelis DiéguezProduction office: Aixa González and Haizea ArrizabalagaTechnical Director: Arnau SalaCommunication: Raquel Tomàs
Filming and broadcasting coordination: Daniel MiracleFilming: Núria ParisImage: Mar Morey and Pamela GalloSound and mixer: Marcello NardoneMixer and video: Álvaro MuñozFilming collaboration: Telenoika, Laminimedia, Neokinok and Roman PolankikLighting and TV Set design: Arnau SalaImage of the festival: Soon in TokyoProject web: La Tecla StudioTexts: Fernando GandaseguiTranslations: Manners and Marc VillanuevaAudiovisual recording: Andrés PinoPhoto: Mila Ercoli
With the collaboration of the communication teams of the venues involved: Verónica Navas, Iera Delp, Sara Renau, Mercè Ros, Carme Clua and Noel Eduardo.With the collaboration of the Technical Team of the Mercat de les Flors (Pere Milan).With the collaboration of the accommodation team of the Mercat de les Flors (Helena Font).


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Nowadays, what is the meaning of accompaniment, collaboration, working together? With this question in mind we invite managers and colleagues who, in other regions, galvanise communities with whom we share ideas and ways of doing things. Our aim is to start a dialogue that will continue throughout 2021 as part of the “between festivals” programme, and through which we can get to know each other, mitigate any sense of urgency and draw up a map where we give another dimension to the skills, knowledge and experiences that we have accumulated over all these years.
Our proposal is to work with the other and jointly with everyone and build up a work network that serves to share the practices, ideas and notions about the routines that we develop, and also our doubts and concerns, ultimately following the logic of what flows and continues, what welcomes us and brings us closer.



Marcela Levi & Lucía Russo, Txalo Toloza, Amalia Fernández, Anto Rodríguez & Claudia Pagès, Manuel Rodríguez, Jan Martens, Manel Quintana & Maria Camila Sanjinés, Mariona Naudin, Iñaki Álvarez & Martí Sales, Luis Garay, Jorge Dutor & Guillem Mont de Palol, Albert Quesada, Bárbara Sánchez, Societat Doctor Alonso, Lander Patrick, loscorderos.sc & Za!, Magdalena Brezzo, El Pollo Campero comidas para llevar, Aimar, Pérez Galí, Cristian Duarte, Norberto Llopis, Quim Bigas, Volmir Cordeiro, Robbie Synge, Macarena Recuerda Shepherd, Las Bistecs.


Big Bouncers, Anna Borralho & Joao Galante, Javier Vaquero, Amalia Fernández, Volmir Cordeiro, El Conde de Torrefiel, Carmelo Fernández, Aimar Pérez Galí, Cris Blanco, Patricia Caballero & Mónica Valenciano, Societat Doctor Alonso, Iñaki Álvarez, Bea Fernández, Piña & Pedra, María Jerez, Javiera Peón-Veiga and more...


Azkona & Toloza, Vértebro, Jefta Van Dinther, Paz Rojo, Orquestina de pigmeos, Manuel Rodríguez, Ensemble Topogràfic & Xavi Lloses, Lala Deheizelin, María Acaso, Aristeo Mora, Carmelo Salazar, Chiara Bersani, Pablo Esbert & Federico Vladimir, Iniciativa Sexual Femenina, Javier Guerrero, María Salgado & Fran MM Cabeza De Vaca, Mònica Muntaner & Rosa Muñoz, Bárbara Bañuelos, Marc Sempere Moya, El Pollo Campero comidas para llevar, Los Detectives and more...


Bárbara Sánchez, El Conde de Torrefiel, Eisa Jocson, Fernanda Fragateiro & Aldara Bizarro, José y sus hermanas, Georgia Vardarou, João Fiadeiro & Carolina Campos, Camaralucida, Los Voluble, Marta Izquierdo, Oscar Bueno, Sergi Fäustino, Paloma Calle & Massimilano Casu, Alejandro Peña, Rubén Ramos, Guillem Mont de Palol & Miguel Pereira, Laia Estruch, Pedro Sepúlveda, Teatro Línea de Sombra, Stalkers, Paz Rojo, Carmelo Salazar, Las detectives, Isaak Erdoiza and more..