Mercat de les Flors - Sala PBSunday 21 at 12.30 p.m.Ticket 10€

ZEPPELIN BEND by Katerina Andreou

“In my ongoing research on free will on stage and its subjective nature, I explore different body practices and try to approach new skills as if there were new technologies.I keep learning in order to keep unlearning. This saturation of rigor and discipline comes along with a desire of tackling matters such as control and power structures. It helps me sort out knowledge and constitute my own personal culture. Which training for which performance? Which effort for which goal?”

Zeppelin Bend, taking the name of an end-to-end joining knot that was used to moor airships, is a duo. Natali Mandila and me are putting together dances, actions and sounds that demand hardcore discipline and psychedelic imagination. In a world where staying ‘’grounded’’ or getting’’ high’’ seem to be often considered as survival methods, we try out both. While seeking moments of freedom, we try to maintain realness by focusing on our bodies in the act of doing.

© Alexi Pelekanos
Concept/Creation/ Sound design: Katerina AndreouPerformance: Katerina Andreou, Natali MandilaSound: Katerina Andreou and Cristián SotomayorSound collaborator:Tal AgamLight Design: Yannick FouassierOutside Eye: Myrto KatsikiProduction, bookings : Elodie PerrinProduction : BARKCoproduction : Les Spectacles vivants du Centre Pompidou, Onassis Stegi Athènes, Tanzquartier Vienne, Atelier de Paris / Centre de développement chorégraphique national, La Place de la Danse – CDCN Toulouse / Occitanie, dans le cadre du dispositif Accueil Studio, CN D Centre national de la danse, accueil en résidence, Le Gymnase, CDCN de Roubaix, CCN de Grenoble, Far festival des arts vivants Nyon, Centrale Fies (dans le cadre de LIVE WORKS Act Award 2019)With the support of: BUDA Courtrai, RAMDAM UN CENTRE D’ART, Angers-CDCN, CDC de Grenoble, residency at SUBS – lieu vivant d’expériences artistiques, Lyon », Centre Chorégraphique National d’Orléans. With the support of Dance Reflections by Van Cleef & Arpels.

TV Set

GranerSunday 21 from 16.30 to 21 p.m.Ticket 12€

Plató and performing stage for artists and audiences to build together an artistic apparatus as they produce a peculiar television show. An experimental space, a research on the television language in relation to performing arts, a long family gathering or wild long take on the hybridization of formats and disciplines in and out of sight. Closing party with OKAY CONFIANCE, a specific context that adapts to each occasion, and which this time extends the plató to the Graner premises with the support of local artists in order to create a space of trust and common learning where ethics and technique go hand in hand.


featuring Loto Retina, Anne Lise Le Gac, Elie Ortis, Hugues Meunier, Alba Rihe, Julia Barbay and Daniel Moreno Roldan.

“OKAY CONFIANCE is an ephemeral team of makers, celebrating common trust and learning by doing. The team is recomposed each time it appears, listening what the context offers us, generally with the means at hand. The week before the public event, an OKAY residency takes place in the hosting location, building a collective living and making encounters, filling the space with stories, relationships, and growing conversations. In the spirit of a generative hackerpsace, the « » share and evolve their personal makings during this residency. The last day, a festive taste of polyforms performances is offered to the trusting audience.”

This time, OKAY CONFIANCE will happen in Graner, and will feature 3 new based in Barcelona ! 2021 starting, TRUST might be the juice and strenght we need to cultivate even more, jumping back and forth from IRL to URL gardens every minute. In this weirdo permanent switch, the common ground « PLATO TELE», that Salmon team proposes this year, will shake our makings and sharings. Through this dilemma of cyber-making the Present, we still aim to deal with real time drifts, and physical encounters « en devenir ». Trust is the password.